Terrain – Online Courses for Entrepreneurs

Terrain is a massively exciting launch for everyone involved. But what prompted us to host it in the first place?

First things first. Why did we launch a brand new course platform – offering curated courses for entrepreneurs – when there are so many of these out there already?

Well, to put it simply, we were tired…

  • Of paying for poorly-designed online courses with half-assed content that are rich with their promises and poor on their execution. 
  • Of the false promotions and spending our money on online courses that did not live up to its marketing. 

As learners, it made us angry. 

As business owners, we realised that the fundamental challenge facing the online course industry was one of quality control. 

The most popular online courses aren’t the ones with the best content, but the ones with the best marketing team. 

Meanwhile, courses with genuine value that didn’t have the marketing know-how or the budget for a launch team were gathering dust in some forgotten corner of your hard drive. 

We figured somebody should do something about it. 

And then we thought…

Maybe that somebody could be us?

We’ve successfully launched and marketed dozens of online courses for some pretty big names in the industry. So we know a thing or two about the marketing drill. 

And as time-honoured course takers in the industry, we knew exactly what kind of change we wanted to see. 

That’s when Terrain was born.

With Terrain, we aim to create a world where course creators can focus on their zones of genius (aka creating quality courses) without losing sleep over marketing.

And course takers can rest easy at night knowing they didn’t burn their money on yet another less-than-adequate course. 

(Uh, did someone say…superhero?)

So what’s in it for online course creators?


Here’s how it works:

  • You put your course on Terrain for $0 
  • We market your course for you, also for $0
  • Your course finally reaches the large audiences it deserves and sells on repeat 
  • When you make money from the course, we take a small cut off of it
  • That means, we don’t make money until you do
  • And the risk to you? Well, none at all!

It’s passive income that’s actually passive.

BUT there’s a catch (we like to call it our USP): You have to pass our quality control test. 

Using a very transparent rubric, we vet our courses thoroughly and rigorously, and we only put out those courses that we’d actually sign up for ourselves. That way, we guarantee course takers that the courses they sign up for on Terrain are truly the very best ones around. Learn more on how we vet courses here.

So if you have a course (or two) that’s been sitting around collecting dust for a while now, fill out our form and apply for our quality control test today!

And if you’re an online course taker?

  • Quality courses 

Every course on Terrain undergoes an aggressive quality control test. This means we only put out those courses on Terrain that we’d actually take ourselves. 

  •  One platform for all courses

As a course taker, you’d get to view all our courses in one central location. No more opening up half a dozen dashboards and signing up in 5 different places. On Terrain, you can compare courses, read actual reviews, and make an informed decision knowing that the course you pay for will deliver as promised. 

  • Badges and certifications

You get certifications for every course you complete. AND, they automatically sync up on Linkedin (yay!!). You also get badges for courses and have your own profile where you can display all your new skills to your clients (super important for entrepreneurs)!

The result? 

It’s a win-win for everyone! Course creators scale their businesses and actually feel seen, course takers are satisfied and actually learn something, and we feel like Cinderella’s fairy godmother with a magic wand.

Ready to take courses that are actually worth every last dollar you spend on them? Head over to to check out our courses today!

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