So, Why Terrain?

When we were brainstorming ideas for Terrain, we had a Miro moodboard that was filled with words we wanted to use to represent the platform. 

One word that was pretty high up on the list was ‘convenient’.

Convenient for students of course, what with our vetting process, peak points system, and LinkedIn shareable certificates. 

But, just as importantly, we wanted to make Terrain as convenient as possible for YOU, the course creator. 

So, why should you put your course on Terrain?

Well, allow us to add three more words that might help convince you – ‘it’s risk free’.

Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. We don’t ask for exclusivity. 

Terrain is just a way for you to make some extra passive income in addition to what you already have. That includes keeping your course on whatever platform you’re already hosting it on. 

(But, here’s a handy guide in case you DO decide to host with us!)

  1. We take the reins on marketing

We take care of the marketing so that you can focus on the fun stuff. Don’t worry, our marketing budget comes from our own pockets, not your’s. 

  1. It’s passive income that’s actually passive

You created a course because you believed it was the path to finally getting a respite from client work (and fulfilling those passive income dreams)

But no one really talks about the hours (and $$$) it takes to actually make a course profitable 

The most popular courses aren’t necessarily the ones that provide the best content. 

They’re just the ones with the best marketing team.

But, you can’t really hire a fantastic marketing team unless you up your passive income. 

It’s a chicken-egg problem. 

So, how does Terrain help you break the cycle?

Here’s the TL;DR:

  • You put your course on Terrain. (It’ll cost you exactly $0)
  • We run Facebook ads, send emails, and market the course for you.
  • You make $$$, and we take a small % to cover expenses. 

But there’s a catch — not every course makes it on Terrain. On Terrain, we’re committing to vet and test every course we put on our platform, so when we put our stamp of approval on it, you know it’s the real deal. 

You’ll have to pass our Quality Control test before your course can go up. 

Terrain is our answer to platforms that are complicated, expensive, and do nothing to actually get your course out there. And we’re looking forward to seeing you join our incredible roster of course creators!

Apply to be on Terrain here ->

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