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VANCOUVER, Dec 2, 2021 –– Terrain Learning, Inc., the online learning platform with courses vetted by actual entrepreneurs, today relaunched as an all-inclusive membership site, shifting from its previous a la carte course model and preparing to incorporate cryptocurrency tokens in the near future. Now aspiring entrepreneurs can gain full access to the entire Terrain library for one affordable monthly fee. Terrain is also offering a limited-time discount on lifetime subscriptions that allow users to pay once and gain access to all current and future content.

The global eLearning market achieved a historic 36.3% growth during 2020, in large part due to aspiring entrepreneurs turning to online courses. Yet the online learning space is littered with low-quality courses that fail to deliver promised value. Terrain solves this by reviewing each course with a team of entrepreneurs to ensure each course provides actionable instruction, high value, and clear outcomes.

“One of the fundamental challenges in the online course industry is quality control: the most popular courses aren’t necessarily the ones that provide the best content,” said Terrain founder and CEO Eman Zabi. “This means course creators with great content aren’t able to get in front of the right audiences, and course takers get duped by misleading marketing.”

Diversity is another key issue in the online course space. “Not only do many courses offer only surface-level information, they don’t consider the diverse backgrounds or experiences of their entrepreneur students,” said Zabi. “And due to restrictive NDAs some shady course creators force students to sign, students don’t have a convenient place to leave public reviews for these courses.”

To solve these problems, Zabi – who also runs Scribesmith. an online marketing consultancy – launched Terrain in February 2020. Featuring public course reviews, a thorough vetting process for each course, and community features, Terrain 1.0 gave entrepreneurs a way to level up their skills by selecting and paying for courses a la carte.

After receiving feedback from students, and after seeing new opportunities to improve the online learning experience through blockchain-based features, Zabi and her team have rebuilt Terrain to better serve their audiences.

“Practicing what we teach our own students, we’ve rebuilt Terrain based on customer feedback. Now the experience is even more engaging and interactive. Students don’t need to buy courses one at a time. And as they progress from one course to another, they’ll be rewarded for their efforts.”

Community is crucial to successful online learning experiences. To meet this need, the Terrain team built the Sandbox. The Sandbox borrows from online games and Slack to create a fun, MMO-style environment for learners to interact.

“We had metaverse plans long before Facebook tried to co-opt the movement,” Zabi said. “As part of your Terrain membership, you get access to the Library. It’s a virtual space to connect with other entrepreneurs, access resources, hang out in and even host events.”

An upcoming feature is the incorporation of fractional ownership and payments via cryptocurrency. The Terrain team plans to reward learners with crypto tokens as they participate in discussions, complete courses, and add value to the platform. In exchange, the Terrain team plans to allow tokens to be exchanged for a portion of monthly site revenue, creating a direct connection between the platform’s growth and its value for individual learners.

Terrain 2.0 launches today, December 2, 2021. There are three annual subscription tiers – Starter ($190 USD per year), Intermediate ($490 USD per year), and Pro ($990 USD per year) – each designed around meeting entrepreneurs where they are in their business journeys. 14 courses are available at launch, with 150 total courses in development planned to be launched by the end of 2022.

For 24 hours only, the Lifetime subscription is available for $599 USD, nearly $400 off the annual Pro subscription price, making it an incredible value for entrepreneurs eager to find long-term success. Additionally, anyone who purchases the Lifetime membership will receive an exclusive NFT that will bestow community privileges and status when the blockchain features launch.

To learn more about Terrain 2.0, and to purchase a lifetime membership, please visit

About Terrain

Launched in 2020, Terrain is a curated course marketplace for entrepreneurs who want to learn digital marketing, online business, social media, and other skills needed to grow successful businesses. By developing, vetting, and marketing the best courses in the industry, then making them available in a central location, Terrain solves the quality control problem in the online course industry. Through Terrain, course takers can see reviews, compare options, and make informed decisions about how they can level up their businesses. 

With Terrain 2.0, the platform now gives course takers access to high-quality learning experiences through a membership, making it like Netflix for online business entrepreneurs. 

With new courses being added regularly, Terrain is the premiere learning site for online entrepreneurs. For questions or press inquiries, please email

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