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Why we can’t stop talking about Dotcal – the only design-first scheduling platform

As a creative entrepreneur, online business professional, or freelancer, you already know how much first impressions matter.

It’s why you built an impeccable website – with gripping copy, on-brand designs, glowing testimonials, and compelling CTAs. 

But what about second impressions?

When prospects land on your meticulously designed website and hit the “book a call” button, they’re redirected to your booking page. 

What they find there can either impress them enough to book in immediately. 

Or confuse, bore or distract them into scrolling away.

This makes your booking page a crucial point of conversion.

Yet it’s often entirely neglected. 

As of the earliest points of interaction with potential clients, your booking page is a terrific opportunity for you to communicate your brand’s personality and impress your prospects.

And honestly, we only realised just how much you can do with it when we started using Dotcal.

Like Calendly and Acuity, Dotcal is a scheduling platform that eliminates the back-and-forth of scheduling emails by letting clients and colleagues directly book in meetings based on your calendar and availability.

But unlike other scheduling platforms, Dotcal lets you personalise your booking page to communicate your brand’s personality AND leave a lasting impression on future clients. 

Case in point 👇

It’s been a while since we switched over to Dotcal entirely. And after 3 full days of raving about it on our Slack watercooler channel, we decided to organize our excitement into an actual blog post introducing Dotcal to the world.

(Think of it as a really long testimonial)

Why the Terrain team loves Dotcal:

#1 It feels like a natural progression of your brand

Dotcal lets you put your brand front and centre. 

You can customize your booking page according to your brand colours, styles, and personality.

For example, Eman’s booking page for The Scribesmith communicates our brand’s sleek, professional, no-frills attitude (in our exact brand colours):

This lets you express your brand’s personality non-verbally. 

Or to put it simply, it helps your client feel out your vibe. 

#2 Comes with genuinely diverse customizations 

What we really like about Dotcal is the sheer variety of easily customizable templates they’ve built out. 

Whether you’re a salesperson, a Fortune 500 VP, a hairdresser, life coach, or freelance copywriter, Dotcal’s likely got a layout that’ll work for you. 

Unlike other scheduling platforms, Dotcal’s diverse layout options and fully customizable brand colours are designed to help you create a booking page that genuinely reflects your brand.

Source: Dotcal
Source: Dotcal
Source: Dotcal

#3 Ease of use

Dotcal makes scheduling easier for everyone.

Dotcal’s dashboard is designed to help you get a beautiful, 100% customized booking page up and running in just a few clicks.

Integrate your calendars seamlessly. Share availability. Personalize your page. And… you’re good to go!

You can directly share your booking link to let people book in at their convenience. OR you can share a Dotlink, which lets you share specific time slots that others can directly book into.

As you can see, their easy-to-use interface makes it super easy for your clients and colleagues to book meetings in mere seconds.

#4 A design-first calendar

Dotcal is the only design-first scheduling platform out there that lets you swap out your ordinary white calendar for a sleek, beautiful booking page that tells the world who you are.

Now we could go on and on, but you’d probably prefer to go check Dotcal out for yourself. 

Here’s your link to head over to Dotcal →

Your first booking page is free, but Terrain members get 50% off Dotcal Pro! (Code: TERRAIN50).

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