Why we can’t stop talking about Dotcal – the only design-first scheduling platform

As a creative entrepreneur, online business professional, or freelancer, you already know how much first impressions matter. It’s why you built an impeccable website – with gripping copy, on-brand designs, glowing testimonials, and compelling CTAs.  But what about second impressions? When prospects land on your meticulously designed website and hit the “book a call” button, […]

The Win-Win-Win: Living our Values

Terrain has been through a few different evolutions since our December 2020 beta launch, but one thing that’s remained consistent throughout our pivots is the win-win-win. Everything we do at Terrain needs to be a win for our community, a win for the planet, and a win for us as a business. Revenue Share We […]

Monthly Wrap Up: May 2022

Welcome to our Monthly Wrap Up! We’ve been busy this month, so let’s dive right in. Through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, we’re now planting a tree for every review you leave on a course on Terrain. 🌳(Yes, even a bad one) Reviews are important because they give us feedback on the type of content we’re creating, […]

How To Grow Your Business As A Solopreneur

So you finally quit your boring, dissatisfying, soul-sapping 9-5 job (or you’re just about to).  And you’ve been thinking about going out on your own. But you can’t start your own solo business by simply taking a leap of faith into the deep unknown. It’s important to get all the facts, do your research, and […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Crypto, NFTs, and the Ethereum Blockchain

Web3 is all the rage at the moment. Everyone’s talking about it, but if you’re looking in from the outside, it can seem incredibly complicated. Web3 is the result of a number of growing trends in technology: increased focus on data and privacy, a desire to remove control from monopolistic tech companies like Facebook (aka […]

How To Create A Professional Email Signature

Want to know one of the most overlooked places to market your business? It’s your email signature. As a business owner, your email signature is more than just a name and title scribbled at the bottom of your email. In fact, it’s a key opportunity to promote your brand, establish credibility, and build trust with […]

Creating A Digital Product That Sells

Looking for ways to diversify your income outside of client work? Creating a digital product is one of the simplest, smartest, and most viable ways you can bring additional value to your audience—and start building a more reliable, steady income from multiple revenue streams. But what exactly is a digital product? And why should you […]

Your Guide To Creating a Powerful Call to Action

Whether you’re pushing a lead magnet to grow your email list or promoting your upcoming webinar on Instagram, one of the simplest ways to boost your conversions is to craft clear, strong CTAs. So, what’s a CTA? It stands for call to action: concise, persuasive copy that prompts a reader to take action. An effective […]

Press Release

VANCOUVER, Dec 2, 2021 –– Terrain Learning, Inc., the online learning platform with courses vetted by actual entrepreneurs, today relaunched as an all-inclusive membership site, shifting from its previous a la carte course model and preparing to incorporate cryptocurrency tokens in the near future. Now aspiring entrepreneurs can gain full access to the entire Terrain […]

Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs: How to Stay Energized and Focused at Work

As entrepreneurs, we’re always caught in some kind of a juggling act. And in our hustle-and-grind culture where productivity is king, entrepreneurs are expected to constantly be at the top of their game if they want to succeed. Naturally, nobody can operate at 100% efficiency ALL the time. But a little smart planning and some […]


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